World Youth Economic Forum, August 1st - 4th 2017

Why Us ?

International environment

This Forum attracts approximately 600 delegates from nearly 9 different countries. It is an excellent opportunity for students to communicate with the world, express their opinions and expand their global network.

Directors mainly come from Yale University or are senior business leaders from the west. In the meantime the application for the position of assistant director is open to business elites both home and abroad. The highly internationalized core of directors and delegates will make this Forum a more thrilling communication platform than ever before.

High academic standard

The Global Undergraduate Economic Forum (GUEF) from Yale University and senior business leaders are responsible for the academic section of this Forum, thus giving participants a unique chance to experience world-class discussion and debate. The participants will also need to prepare and practice beforehand in order to win attention and applause in the debate.

Creative forum structure

The Forum is comprised of 8 Yale University economic forum committees, The ASDAN Business Simulation,the Business Mock Trial and the Media center . All these committees would provide the participants with chances to discuss the most crucial economic issues and business cases.

Diverse social activities

Cross cultural communication is one of the key characteristics of the forum. We hope to promote it through different scenarios, e.g. social parities, session discussions, in-between session communications, etc. Every school/group also has the chance to have an exhibition table to showcase thier own culture.

Award Setting

All the participants would be getting the “World Youth Economic participation certificate”. The best delegates of each committee would also be awarded with the “ASDAN Leadership Award”.


Dear students,

On behalf of the World Youth Forum from Yale University, it is a pleasure to welcome you to this annual event hosted in Shanghai in the summer of 2017 The forum is the first ever space for university and high school students to congregate and discuss issues of global economic importance: issues that today’s leaders in finance, economics, and commerce strive to find solutions for.

The World Youth Economic Forum committees will gather over 600 students from around the world this summer to deliberate and develop implementable solutions and reports on key issues faced by global economic change makers. These issues will range from international sovereign debt crises’ to fiscal profligacy and from the financial sector to developing economies. What the World Youth Economic Forum offers is a unique opportunity to overcome obstacles that are currently hindering global growth and development.

The World Youth Economic Forum is being co-hosted by the Global Undergraduate Economic Forum and ASDAN from the UK. Global Undergraduate Economic Forum is a student think-tank based at Yale University in the United States of America. It is a platform for undergraduate students across the Ivy League and other higher education institutions to debate issues of global importance in economics, international relations, politics, finance and development. This Forum will culminate in the creation of proposals and task forces addressed to global change makers, of which the best will be implemented. The committees of the World Youth Economic Forum have been inspired by the Global Undergraduate Economic Forum, and will be led by the 8 student founders of the student think-tank at Yale University and Harvard University. ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organization and awarding body, offering programs and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

The World Youth Economic Forum exists as an exordium in your journey towards becoming an aspiring global leader. It is a chance for you to apply the knowledge you gain in your classrooms, the articles that you read in The Economist and the events that unfold in front of you on the news to solving global problems in the same way that global change makers do at the World Economic Forum. The World Youth Economic Forum looks forward to welcoming you to our 5th conference this summer and to initiating a new form of student interaction with business and economics.



Aahan Bhojani

Founder of World Youth Economic Forum